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Why blogging is so popular?

In the later 90´s the first blogs were released. This time they were told „online journals“ and their users wrote in everything they were interested in or what was going on in their life. Some years later people could already create their own blogs through online platform services like „Xanga“.

In 1997 – 100 blogs were registered at Xanga, 2005 it was 20 millions,

So why blogging became so attractive to people?

Well, at first it is much easier to create a blog through a platform like wordpress or sth. similar than creating a well designed webpage. Secondly, a lot of people want to communicate through the internet about their experiences, their wishes or their input they get everyday. Sure, social networks can be used for this, too, but if you blog, you keep control over your content.

Statistics say there are 2 different types of bloggers,

The first one is the personal blogger. Over 70 percent of all the blogs are personal blogs. Like I said before, people talk about their life  and publish their variety experiences.

The second one is the non-personal blogger. He blogs to give information to people or comment things happening in the world. Also he blogs about news, specific knowledge topics or his work.

Non personal blogger are mostly men. Their blogs in average have more reader and the non personal blogger spend much more time in blogging than personal blogger,

Statistics showed the following division in blogging motivations:

Over 70 % – blog over ther own life, experiences and new ideas.

Over 30 % – blog to inform about their working areas, their own knowledge topics.

Over 10 % – blog for working reasons.

In general, women’s blog more than men. However men blog more about political or economic topics. The private blogs are more dominated by women.

So why blogging is so attractive is maybe answered with the advantages across from social networks.


1. Blogs are more consistent and provide more safety than social networks.

2. If you blog professional, your blog WILL become professional for sure,

3. Blogs improve your Google Rankings, Social networks doesn´t.

4. Created content is much more longer to find then posts in social networks.

5. Created content is visible to everyone and there is no need for relations to show it to people.

6. The blog is yours. You can do with it what you want, when you want, how often you want. Everything is individual changeable. And it´s yours 😉

So, maybe after our little excursion in this semester, I will try to blog in future…maybe I like it.

what about you?

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